Political relations with Native Guatemalans

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Indian Rights Pact Signed For Guatemala
San Francisco Chronicle, 1 March 1995. Guatemala's government and leftist guerrillas sign an accord to protect the rights of Indians, in a step toward ending the country's 34-year-old civil war.
Landowners Given OK to Evict Campesinos
Cerigua Weekly Briefs, 4 April 1995. Landowners permitted to evict peasants and farm workers who have invaded rural estates.
Indigenous Accord Signed
Cerigua Weekly Briefs, 4 April 1995.
Accord Anniversary Sparks Little Official Interest
Cerigua Weekly Briefs, no.13, 27 March 1996. March 31 will mark the first anniversary of the signing of the Accord on Indigenous Peoples Rights and Identity. But indigenous groups say the government and other sectors of society have taken little interest in preparing for the accord's implementation.