The history of Camisas Modernas (Van Heusen) workers in Guatemala

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Guatemala: trade union wins victory in a ‘maquila’
By Natacha David, ICFTU OnLine..., 16 April 1997. Marking a further breach in the anti-union offensive in the maquilas, a Guatemalan trade union has succeeded in gaining recognition from the US textile giant, Philips-Van Heusen (PVH).
Breakthrough in Guatemala! Union contract signed with Phillips-Van Heusen
Labor Alerts, 20 August 1997. Workers at a Guatemalan factory owned by the U.S.-based Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation (PVH) have ratified a contract, making it the only collective bargaining agreement in Guatemala's maquiladora (apparel-for-export) sector and one of the very few in the region.
March 8-13 actions to support Guatemalan sweatshop workers
By Molly Charboneau, Workers World, 4 March 1999. An international week of actions is set for March 8-13 to protest Phillips-Van Heusen's closing of its only unionized garment plant in Guatemala.