The history of Choishin & Cimatextiles (Liz Claiborne) workers in Guatemala

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Guatemalan Maquila Workers Need Our Support. Please Act Today!
Maquila Solidarity Network (MSN) / Ethical Trading Action Group (ETAG), 23 July 2001. Workers at two maquila factories in Guatemala producing apparel for Liz Claiborne have met with violent resistance to their efforts to organize a union. Details about the organizing campaign and the harassment and violence workers are facing.
Attacked Maquila Workers Reach Settlement in Guatemala
Maquila Solidarity Network, Liz Claiborne Campaign Update, 2 August 2001. Your letters and other solidarity actions in Guatemala, the US and Canada have helped achieve an agreement allowing workers who were pressured to resign to return to work, committing the company to respect the workers' right to organize a union, and, hopefully, ending the campaign of violence and intimidation.
Guatemalan union supporters face criminal accusations
CLR Labor Alert, 2 October 2001. Choishin factories in Guatemala are facing accusations of criminal charges as the latest tactic in an on-going anti-union campaign by local management. The workers are also reportedly facing intimidation to resign, threats of blacklisting and factory closure.