The history of women and gender in Guatemala

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Women's Day Sparks New Initiatives
Cerigua Weekly Briefs, 11 March 1997. Guatemalan women celebrated International Women's Day with a colorful parade, forums and legal initiatives to combat discrimination. Earlier, the Women's Legal Action Coalition (COALM) had presented legislators with proposed legal reforms to end discrimination, while the New Guatemala Democratic Front (FDNG) introduced a bill to strengthen rights of indigenous women and children.
Giving Voice to the Majority: an Interview with Quiche Maya Legislator Manuela Alvarado
Cerigua Weekly Briefs, 11 March 1997. Manuela Alvarado Lopez is one of just 11 women and six Mayas who sit in Guatemala's 80 seat Congress. Her party, the New Guatemala Democratic Front (FDNG), is also a minority in the House. But Alvarado speaks for Guatemala's majority—women and Mayas.
Womens' Forum is Official
Cerigua Weekly Briefs, 20 November 1997. Guatemalan women took another step towards equality and control over their collective futures yesterday with the official inauguration of the National Women's Forum. Created under the 1996 peace accords, the forum is responsible for developing programs which will realize government pledges made in the agreements.
Women of the War Remembered
Cerigua Weekly Briefs, 11 December 1997. Some of the hundreds of women who died fighting in Guatemala's 36-year civil war were remembered during the launch of a book entitled, When Women Die they Multiply, compiled by the women's sector of the National Guatemalan Revolutionary Unity (URNG), which recaptures the history and experiences of 21 women guerrillas through poetry and personal accounts of their lives.