The retrospective history of the Republic of El Salvador

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Students march in El Salvador
Weekly News Update, 2 August 1998. Commemoration of a 1975 massacre of students at the University of El Salvador (UES) who were protesting military repression.
Was the CIA to blame?
By Tom Gibb, The Guardian (London), 23 March 2000. To what extent was the U.S. CIA aware of and involved in the murder on 24 March 1980 of Archbishop Oscar Romera, who was a supporter of guerilla rebels.
Salvadoran Soldiers: We Were Ordered to Kill US Nuns
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 5 April 1998. Evidence that the 1980 rape and murder of U.S. nuns was done under orders.
US Releases Some Secrets on 1980 El Salvador Murders
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 28 June 1998. U.S.s secretary of state orders the release of documents on the 1980 rape and murder of four US nun. The US and Salvadoran governments have both insisted that the killings were carried out by four National Guard soldiers and one low-ranking officer on their own initiative.