The history of the Republic of El Salvador under President Francisco Flores (1999–2004)

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Arena Wins, FMLN Fails, Many Abstain
By Laura Vargas, IPS, 8 March 1999. The presidential elections in El Salvador followed pre-election forecasts, with the governing Arena returned to office, under presidency of Francisco Flores, falling support for the FMLN and high levels of abstention. The contribution to this of FMLN's internal split between the orthodox revolutionaries and the political reformers.
The post-electoral crisis in the FMLN
Proceso, #847, Editorial, 17 March 1999. The electoral failure should have encouraged an internal renovation of the FMLN, but it has not. The orthodox party aims to wrest control of the party, but don't see their own contribution to failure. The Party's failure to examine itself.
El Salvador settles protests on eve of elections, 11 March 2000. El Salvidor's legislative and mayoral mid-term elections. Although the FMLN transformed itself from a revolutionary movement into a legal political reform party following the 1992 peace accords, ARENA seeks to paint the FMLN as a party of insurgents, responsible for the prolonged strike among public sector workers.
Door to Power Opens a Crack Wider for Left
By Maricel Sequeira, IPS, 13 March 2000. The mid-term elections in El Salvador left the door open a bit wider for the FMLN to seek the presidency in the 2004 elections. While the FMLN won seats, it didn't represent a legislative majority because of the emergence of other parties. The left's victory results from the ARENA's policy of privatizations, its failure to negotaiate with all social sectors, and its inability to address widespread poverty.