The campesinos of El Salvador

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Peasant occupy lands
Flor de Izote Foundation, Weekly Report 23&@8211;30 October 1995. Peasant farmers organized in the Democratic Rural Peasants Association (ADC) and in the Republican Rural Peasants Association (ARC) have carried out approximately 17 occupations of lands. According to the peasants who are occupying these properties, the responsibility is the government's for failing to comply with the Peace Accords.
Campesino Debtors March in El Salvador
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 9 November 1997. Campesinos demonstrated on Nov. 6 in El Salvador's capital to demand that President Armando Calderon Sol give his approval to a debt forgiveness law approved by the opposition-dominated Congress on October 30. The law would benefit 45,000 small, medium and large-scale farmers having agricultural debts.