The history of women and gender in El Salvador

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Pro-life demagogues
Processo editorial, 30 April 1997. Critique of ARENA on abortion issue. The pro-life demagogues, who have come to the fore in the heat of the debate about the abortion statute in the Penal Code are not in favor of life, because they have no moral standing to defend it, and their interests are electoral.
Murders and bomb threats in El Salvador—Gays being targeted
Centr-Am News, 20 June 1998. A series of attacks, which has also focused on sex workers, transvestites, gays, has left many people seriously injured. Despite specific testimonies from many witnesses, including detailed descriptions of assailants, there have been no significant criminal inquiries by authorities.
How homosexuality is seen in El Salvador
Processo, 1 July 1998. Homosexuality is erroneously identified not only and on many occasions with AIDS, but is also interpreted as being morally degenerate, a perversion of the senses or a psychological sickness, all of which would lead one to perceive homosexuals as a socially defective.