The IT, media, and telecommunications of the Republic of El Salvador

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Radio in El Salvador

Ten community radio stations closed
From Solidarity Action Network, 13 December 1995. The Salvadoran National Civil Police (PNC) closed the stations and confiscated the equipment. Most of the stations operated with very low-power, are owned by their municipalities or associations, are participatory and educational in nature and strive to serve the poorer sectors of the population.
ARENA Party Passes New Telecommunications Law in El Salvador
CoCo Development Alernatives, 13 September 1996. An exemplary legal framework for democractic rights in the area of telecommunications was excluded from the bill pushed through by ARENA. The passage of the law will set an unseemly precedent that hurts, among others, the principle of freedom of expression, the freedom of business, and it puts independent radio and television broadcasting under the risk of being submitted to tricky politicians.