The retrospective history of the Republic of Honduras

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Soldiers Charged in 1983 Murder
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 2 August 1998. The 1983 murder of Herminio Deras, a leader of the Honduran Communist Party (PCH).
Mass Graves Found In Honduras
Associated Press, [11 August 1999]. Evidence of secret graves at a former training base for Nicaraguan contras. Proof of military cover-up at contra base. Torture and human sacrifice. The air base was built by U.S. forces in 1983 and used in the 1980s as a training center for the U.S.-backed contra forces who were fighting the leftist Sandinista government in nearby Nicaragua.
New ripples in an evil story
By Sister Laetitia Bordes, s.h., [14 May 2001]. Bush nominated Negroponte as ambassador to the U.N., the man who gave the CIA backed Honduran death squads open field when he was ambassador to Honduras from 1981 to 1985.
Ruling Details Torture Claims
By Alfonso Chardy, Miami Herald, 20 June 2004. A deportation order from the U.S. provides details about human rights violations by a former Honduran Army officer, At the time, Honduras was governed by a military-influenced civilian government closely allied with the Reagan administration, which used Honduras as a base of operations for the Nicaraguan contras.