The history of U.S. intervention in Nicaragua after the Somozas

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CIA, Contras, ‘Moonies’ & cocaine
Federal Bureau of Investigation transcript, 27 February 1987. Informant has certain information in which he believes the Nicaraguan Contra organization known as FDN (Frente Democratico Nacional) has become more involved in selling arms and cocaine for personal gain than in a military effort to overthrow the current Nicaraguan Sandinista Government.
U.S. meddling in Nicaraguan elections as embassy in Managua tries to soothe fears. Washington fuels flames of controversy
Nicaragua Network, Wednesday 9 October 1996. State Department Spokesperson Nicholas Burns's statements will frighten first-round voters into thinking that the U.S. will marshal its powers to oppose a Sandinista government. It is also concerned what this strategy of mixed messages portends for U.S. attempts, whether overt or covert, to influence the run-off between Ortega and Aleman.
Sandinistas accuse US agent in Nicaragua electrion fraud
By Toby Mailman, Weely News Update on the Americas, Special Report, 5 November 1996. Calling the October 20 Nicaraguan elections into question is an allegation by the leftist Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) that agents of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) were involved in organizing irregularities and actions of questionable legality in connection with the election process.
Foreign Policy in Focus: Nicaragua
Foreign Policy in Focus, March 1997. U.S.-Nicaraguan relations have been rocky ever since the end of the U.S.-sponsored war against the Sandinista government. The U.S. Agency for International Development worked closely with the IMF and World Bank in prodding the Nicaraguan government to downsize the public sector, restrict rural credit, privatize public-sector industries, and change laws to favor foreign investment. Problems With Current U.S. Policy. Toward a New Foreign Policy.