The presidental election in Nicaragua, 20 October 1996

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The Return of Somocismo? The Rise of Arnoldo Aleman
By Mark Caster, NACLA Report on the Americas, Sept/Oct 1996. Former President Daniel Ortega's evaluation of consequences were Aleman to win. Here a more dispassionate analysis.
Right wing tries to rig Nicaraguan elections
By Stephen Marks, Green Left Weekly, 20 October 1996. Nicaragua's recent elections have been marred by scandal, chaos and accusations of fraud which have called into question the apparent victory, 49% to 38%, of the right-wing candidate, Arnoldo Aleman, over Sandinista, Daniel Ortega.
Nicaraguan Elections Update
From Casa Canadiense, 22 October 1996. Daniel Ortega calls into question the results of the elections. In the 1990 elections, the FSLN had no reservations in accepting the results but that this time, there were a series of anomalies found especially in the information given in the telegrams that carried the results from each of the voting stations.
Nicaraguan Election: Apparent Victory by Liberal-Conservative Alliance
By Toby Mailman, via NY Transfer News Collective, 23 October 1996. Outside estimate of election's fairness, but internal questioning of irregularities. Analysis of Aleman's likely victory.
Maquiladoras in Nicaragua's Future?
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 27 October 1996. Evaluation of election outcome. Many upperclass Nicaraguan rightists have a low opinion of the populist Aleman, but he has benefited from a powerful political and financial ally in the person of Jorge Mas Canosa, field commander of the anti-Castro forces in Miami, and owner of SINTEL communications, bidding on telco privatization in Nicaragua.
Daniel asks for recount, other parties impune
From El Nuevo Diario (Managua), 22 October 1996. Daniel Ortega Saavreda, presidential candidate for the FSLN, said he does not recognize the preliminary results emited by the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) on the results of the October 20 elections because they are full of anomolies.
Political Parties Suffer Post-Election Repercussions
By Toby Mailman, 20 November 1996. Only days short of the announcement of the official results of the October 20 elections here, the alliance which has virtually won has already begun to unravel. The Nationalist Liberal Party (PLN) ordered its two representatives to the Political Coordination of the presumed president-elect Arnoldo Aleman's Liberal Alliance to remove themselves from that body.
Some reflections on the elections
By Gen. Humberto Ortega, 26 November 1996. The General ran the FSLN election and here evaluates it in historical context and Aleman's legitimacy.
Assembly Asks for CSE Resignation; Deputies are Criticized for ‘Pinata’
By Toby Mailman, via NY Transfer News Collective, 27 November 1996. In the aftermath of the October 20 elections here, the Nicaraguan National Assembly is calling for the destitution of the entire membership of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE), the agency charged with organizing and carrying out elections.