The struggle at Chentex in Nicaragua

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90 Nicaraguan workers fired after union organizing effort
Labor Alerts, 26 January 1998. Ninety workers from the Chentex factory in Nicaragua's Las Mercedes Free Trade Zone were fired on Saturday, one day after workers filed at Ministry of Labor offices the documentation for the legalization of the union they had formed on January 20th. The Chentex factory, which is Taiwanese owned, produces pants for Buggle Boy.
Nicaraguan maquila workers strike and gain victory
Labor Alerts, 27 January 1998. Approximately 1,800 workers at the Chentex Garment factory in the Las Mercedes Free Trade Zone in Managua, Nicaragua, staged a total work stoppage for six hours on January 26 protesting the firing of 21 of the 90 workers who had signed papers in support of a union in the factory.
Nicaragua Maquila Organizing Hangs in Balance
Labor Alerts, 6 February 1998. Workers await word on whether the Nicaraguan Labor Ministry will recognize the recently organized union in the Taiwanese-owned Chentex Garment Factory
Nicaraguan Workers Gain Union Recognition at Chentex Garment Factory
Labor Alerts, 19 February 1998. The 2,000 workers at the Chentex Garment Factory in Managua's Las Mercedes Free Trade Zone held another day-long work stoppage on February 16th during which they received word that their union had been granted legal recognition by the Ministry of Labor.
Victory for maquila workers
Workers World, 12 March 1998. Two thousand garment workers at the Chentex Garment Factory in Managua won their battle for union recognition on February 17. It comes after two strikes against a vicious management and government anti-union campaign.
Labour Conflict Highlights EPZ Firms' Importance
By Roberto Fonseca, IPS, 24 July 1998. The decision by a Taiwanese garment company to remain in Nicaragua, after threatening to pull out over a dispute with its employees, has drawn sighs of relief from officials worried about the effect such a withdrawal could have.
Maquila Contract Signed in Nicaragua
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 23 August 1998. Unionized workers at the Taiwanese-owned Chentex maquiladora (tariff-exempt assembly plant) in Nicaragua were scheduled to sign an agreement with management at the Labor Ministry on August 19 following a year-long struggle to win recognition and a contract.
Nicaragua crisis deepens
Labor Alerts, 5 May 2000. Hundreds of Chentex union members have been on strike since Tuesday after their attempts to negotiate for a salary increase failed and management announced plans to fire the union leadership and close at least one production line.