The history of agricultural workers in Nicaragua

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Ortega Incurs Wrath of Sugar Cane Workers
Centr-Am News, week of August 16 through August 22, 1998. Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) Secretary General and former Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega incurred the wrath of sugar cane workers, protesting for over two years their having been robbed of shares in sugar processing plants during the privatization process. The protesters accused Ortega, along with the government, of mishandling the privatization.
Nicaraguan Banana Workers on Strike
Centr-Am News, week of 20 September–3 October 1998. The Nicaraguan Banana Workers (Trabanic) says all attempts at negotiations have been exhausted, and so there will be a strike of indefinite length on planatations that have not increased wages. Plantation owners say the strike is illegal because the workers already earn more than the minimum wage required by law.
Nicaragua lets banana workers sue over pesticides
Reuters, 9 October 2000. Nicaragua has passed a law allowing former banana workers to launch class action lawsuits against international firms over pesticides used in plantations.
A Coffee Crisis' Devastating Domino Effect in Nicaragua
By David Gonzalez, The New York Times, 29 August 2001. With no land and no work, thousands of coffee-field hands beg for food, jobs or attention to their needs. A steep drop in coffee prices on the world market has led to a crisis in Central America, forcing growers to scale back or to close down.
Banana Workers Win Major Award Against US Transnational
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 16 December 2002. Hundreds of former workers on banana plantations who were exposed to the pesticide NEMAGON during the Somoza years were awarded nearly US$500,000 in a landmark judgment on their case. Dow Chemicals, Dole Food Company (formerly Standard Fruit Company) and Shell Oil must pay damages.