The political struggle of labor in Nicaragua

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Women Maquila Workers Win ‘Code of Ethics’
By Roberto Fonseca, IPS, 18 March 1998. Women workers in Nicaragua have won a 10-point Code of Ethics from the government that will regulate labor relations and conditions for workers in the country's free-trade zones—the result of a five-year difficult struggle.
Workers protest over minimum salary
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 7 May 2002. Thousands of workers, in celebration of their day, marched on the first of May to the National Assembly to demand more jobs, higher salaries and to continue the fight against corruption.
Teachers Take to the Streets
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 29 September 2003. In an effort to force the Treasury Ministry to ratify an agreement negotiated with the Bolaqos government to release an additional $30 million for teachers' salaries, the National Association of Teachers (ANDEN) announced an escalating series of actions.