The culture history of the Republic of Nicaragua

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Christian base communities challenge religious leaders
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 11 February 2002. In a stinging message delivered to high-ranking dignitaries of all the churches, the Base Christian Communities of Condega claimed that religious leaders everywhere have not only failed to condemn the rank injustice, poverty and misery generated by the powerful classes through their current neo-liberal model, but indeed actively blessed them.
Sergio Ramirez Declares Government Cultural Support ‘A Joke’
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 2 September 2003. The noted Nicaraguan writer, Sergio Ramirez, who still sees his years as vice-president within the revolutionary government as a very beautiful time of my life, roundly criticized the government for its miserly support for culture and the arts.
‘Liberalism Equals Illiteracy’
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 3 May 2004. Members of the 25th Anniversary of the Literacy Campaign Movement (ALCM) are accusing the post-Sandinista Liberal governments of returning the general population to the levels of illiteracy comparable to the decades of the Somoza dictatorship.