The IT, media, and telecommunications of the Republic of Nicaragua

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Nicaraguan government to centralize information distribution
By Toby Mailman, for NY Transfer News Collective, 5 February 1997. The new government announced last week that all public information and publicity from all government agencies will now be filtered through one single source, the government Office of Information. A government spokesman said the move was not meant to limit information, but to improve the its presentation.
Barricada Closed by Government
Nicaragua Network Hotline, 28 July 1997. In what appeared to be an attempt to silence the opposition media, the Ministry of Finance announced last week that the pro-Sandinista Radio Sandino and newspaper Barricada would be closed due to failure to pay taxes.
Nicaraguan leftist newspaper resurrected?
Weekly Americas News Update, 22 February 1998. A new company named Barricada will replace the current Editorial El Amanecer, which is wholly owned by the FSLN; control will be divided between a group of Sandinista business owners, several worker-owned companies, the FSLN and the newspaper's employees. Some shares in the new company will be traded as public stock.