The retrospective history of the Republic of Costa Rica

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A dialog on ancient stone spheres
From the Archaeology List. The stone balls of various sizes found in Costa Rica and to some extent elsewhere, of unknown purpose, dating to ca. 200-1500 A.D.
Forty-nine years without an army
By R. Saenz and G. Chaves, La Nacion. On December 1, 1948, the chief of the victorious revolutionary army of Costa Rica, Jose Figueres-Ferrer, disbanded his forces and declared the abolition of the armed forces in Costa Rica. The abolition of the army was then consecrated in the Constitution of 1949, which consolidated a democratic, pacifist, and stable Costa Rica.
Costa Rica and Nicaragua; Remember La Penca and Ronald Reagan
NotiCen, 17 June 2004. The bombing at La Penca, a place inside Nicaragua on the Costa Rica border. The bombing, an act of terrorism almost entirely forgotten in the US, is well-remembered in a region that was once the focus of Reagan's foreign policy.