The Republic of Costa Rica under President Pacheco (from May 2002)

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Something magical happened in Costa Rica last month...
Casa Alianza, 18 August 2003. One million, four hundred and two thousand and eighty-eight men, women and children signed a petition organized by Casa Alianza, demanding that the National Assembly improve the laws to protect children in this Central American country.
Fugitive CTV trade union boss Carlos Ortega refuses to leave Costa Rican asylum
By Patrick J. O'Donoghue,, Monday 05 April 2004. Venezuelan Confederation of Trade Unions (CTV) president-in-exile, Carlos Ortega, is insisting that he is staying put in Costa Rica where he was granted political asylum. The government has asked him to leave after Venezuela sent a letter of complaint for statements Ortega made at an anti-government march in Miami.
Protests Bring Costa Rica to the Verge of Paralysis
By Jose Eduardo Mora, IPS, 26 August 2004. Nationwide protests that started out with blockades of roads by truck drivers expanded to include a broad range of groups which threaten to paralyse this Central American country, voicing a wide range of political, economic and social grievances.