The economic history of the Republic of Costa Rica

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Structural Adjustment in Costa Rica: Sapping the Economy
From Karen Hansen-Kuhn, Structural Adjustment in Central America: The Case of Costa Rica, The Development GAP, June 1993. In the 1980s, Costa Rica became the first country in Central America to undergo structural adjustment. While the country is hailed by the World Bank and the IMF as a success, measures of the country's well-being paint a troubling picture.
Winners and Losers of Export-Oriented Model
By Maricel Sequeira, IPS, 13 March 1998. In less than two decades, the export promotion model has changed Costa Rica's productive structure and given rise to two kinds of producers: winners and losers.
Micro-chip Mirage Conceals Downturn
By Néfer Muñoz, IPS, 17 December 1999. Costa Rica's export boom looks like an industrial miracle, but economists say it is a mirage that masks the difficult situation confronting the nation's small and medium-sized businesses.
Banana-Growers Want to Bypass Big Middlemen
By Néfer Muñoz, IPS, 26 October 2000. Independent farmers in Costa Rica should find a way to sell their fruit directly to U.S. and European markets, in order to break the grasp of transnational corporations as middlemen.