The economic struggle of the working class in Costa Rica

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Brutal attack on trade unionist
ICFTU Online..., 29 April 1999. Attacks on Adrian Herrera Arias, General Secretary of SITRASUR, a banana workers union; management's refusal to recognise the trade union.
Costa Rican trade unionists on hunger strike over salary demand
ICFTU OnLine, 2 August 1999. Five trade unionists, including two women, from UNION SINDICAL—a grouping of the country's public sector unions, the CTRN, SITRAERENA, UNDECA, CMTC, ANEP, SINDHAC, UNATROPYT, Health Workers Union, SEC and SITECO, have been on hunger strike outside the Employment Ministry since July 28 to protest the government's refusal to raise salaries to keep up with price rises.
Chiquita banana workers end strike in Costa Rica
AP, Thursday 8 August, 2002. More than 350 Chiquita banana workers in Costa Rica returned to their jobs Thursday after striking last week against new fruit-quality standards they claimed deprived them of pay bonuses.
Strike at Costa Rican port of Limon threatens foreign trade
AP, Tuesday 16 September 2003. The Limon Workers Federation is demanding US$7.4 million in compensation for the rejection of a tariff increase by the federal regulators, among other demands. Ten union members were arrested Tuesday after demonstrators attempted to block trucks from entering docks.