The issue of U.S. bases in Panama

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U.S. Southern Command Proposes Keeping Military Bases in Panama; Panama Canal Treaties Hang in the Balance
From Fellowship of Reconciliation, 29 August 1995.
Invasion's real goal? Break Canal Treaty
By Hillel Cohen, Workers World, 28 September 1995.
The Washington Post's Front-Page Cynicism on U.S. Bases in Panama
By Fellowship of Reconciliation, 22 October 1995.
Southern Command: Bases exit will cost Panama
From Central America Update, 1–15 June 1996.
Cleanup is a minefield for U.S. Panamanian relations
By Paul de la Garza, The Chicago Tribune, 14 May 1998. For most of this century, the U.S. has used territory near the canal for military training, leaving behind untold numbers of unexploded munitions. The question of cleaning up the unexploded ordnance is complicating preparations for the U.S. pullout.