The history of the Republic of Panama under President Torrijos (2004–)

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Torrijos Pledges to Regain People's Trust in Panamanian Politics
Prensa Latina, 3 May 2004. Panama's President-elect Martin Torrijos is beginning a four-month transition up to being sworn in, promising to change government policies to recover people's trust, He won the election on Sunday with more than 47 percent of vote and leads the Patria Nueva Party, an alliance between Partido Revolucionario Democratico and Partido Popular.
Son of popular leader elected president of Panama
By Hernan Etchaleco, Pravda, 7 May 2004. Martin Torrijos, son of Gen. Omar who ruled the Central American nation from 1968 to 1981 and recovered the Canal from US hands, won the presidential race leading a center-left coalition.
Panama's New Chief, Sworn In, Inherits a Diplomatic Tempest
By Steven R. Weisman and Giner Thompson, The New York Times, 2 September 2004. Ms. Moscoso said she had decided to pardon the terrorists and allow them to leave Panama because she said she was concerned that Mr. Torrijos might have them extradited to Cuba or Venezuela. Some political analysts said they saw the hand of Washington in Ms. Moscoso's actions. Likely to be a short honeymoon.
Panama Takes First Steps toward Re-establishing Diplomatic Relations
Radio Havana Cuba, 6 September 2004. Panamanian President Martmn Torrijos has taken the first steps towards re-establishing full diplomatic relations with Cuba, broken by Havana when ex-President Mireya Moscoso pardoned four self-confessed Cuban American terrorists just days before the end of her term on September 1st.