The environmental history of the Republic of Panama

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US Resists Demands to Clean Up Panama Canal Bases
By Silvio Hernandez, IPS, 23 September 1998. The United States will leave a frightening legacy of unexploded bombs and dangerous poisons in its wake when it leaves the Panama Canal zone at the end of the century. Repeated pleas for a clean up campaign from Panamanian authorities have been turned down.
Development Model Mars Quality of Life
By Silvio Hernandez, IPS, 13 January 1999. The Panamian development model—based on the indiscriminate exploitation of its natural resources—has become a vicious circle harming the quality of life of the people. Abusive use of agrochemicals in agriculture and overexploitation of hillside lands. In the last 50 years, Panama lost more than a third of its forests.
Action Needed to Save Canal Basin
By Silvio Hernandez, IPS, 23 May 1999. Environmentalists have sounded alarm bells on the future of the Panama Canal basin where forests and lands have been degraded by agricultural and industrial activities. The canal basin and the eastern jungle of Darien have been the site of some of the worst aggression against natural resources in the country.
Threat of a ‘Faecal Swamp’ Haunts Panamanian Highway
By Danielle Knight, IPS, 17 January 2001. A toll road project funded by the International Finance Corporation could turn the already polluted Bay of Panama into a faecal mud swamp.