The history of capitalism in the Republic of Panama

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Western Keltic Mines land grab of Native land in Panama
From John Parnell, 6 September 1996. Canadian mining company appropriates Kuna land.
Unionists harassed in textile sector
ICFTU Online..., 9 January 1998. Trade unionists working in the Empresa Cool Dragados, a textile factory in Panama City, who were protesting in September over unpaid wages and their employer's failure to contribute to the social security, continue to be harassed by the authorities acting in connivence with the factory owners.
Massive Dismissal by Subsidiary of Chiquita Brands
By Silvio Hernandez, IPS, 24 May 1999. A local subsidiary of the U.S. fruit giant Chiquita Brands dismissed 400 workers in Panama, on the grounds that they refused to use a fruit-protection device. The banana workers union, however, argued that the lay-offs were due to a slump in the European market brought about by the banana war between the European Union (EU) and the United States.
In Big Trouble, Farmers Demand Tariff Hike
By Silvio Hernández, IPS, 19 August 1999. Panama's farmers, in serious trouble since the high protectionist import duties of the past were slashed, are demanding urgent help from the next government of Panama, to take office Sep 1.