The economic struggle of the working class in Panama

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Construction workers, unemployed stage protests
Weekly Americas News Update, 26 January 1998. In Colon, 13 people were arrested on January 20 in clashes between anti-riot police agents and construction workers. The workers, represented by the 40,000-member Only Union of Construction and Similar Workers (SUNTRACS), were protesting contract violations and unfair firings of workers by a construction company.
Banana workers strike in Panama
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 22 February 1998. On February 19 banana workers on Panama's Pacific coast began an open-ended strike against Chiriqui Land Company (CLC), the Panamanian subsidiary of US transnational Chiquita Brands International, to protest violations of the collective bargaining contract signed last September.
Construction workers protest
Weekly News Update on the Americas, 5 July 1998. Members of Panama's Only Union of Construction and Similar Workers (SUNTRACS) clashed with police at several demonstrations during the week of June 22. SUNTRACS is demanding ratification of a 112-point collective bargaining agreement with the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (CAPAC).
Canal Workers Demand Severance Pay from US
By Silvio Hernández, IPS, 7 September 1999. Workers in the Panama canal zone are demanding 80 million dollars in severance pay from the United States, as well as permanent contracts for 2,000 temporary workers by December 31, when Washington hands the canal over to Panama.