The culture history of the Republic of Panama

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Florida State endangered by R. M. Koster
By Lawrence Abele, [15 October 2001]. In order to continue operations in Panama after the withdrawal of U.S. forces the university of Florida dissolved its Panamanian branch and created a Panamanian entity called FSU-Panama that the university contracts to teach courses. An exchange over faculty restructuring.
Why Panama's debate over English should concern folks in the [U.S.]
By Eric Jackson, 28 October 2002. After many decades of US occupations of parts of the Isthmus of Panama, the troops are gone and the canal administration has been transferred to Panama, and sectors of the dependent ruling elite that the Americans cultivated are suffering various withdrawal symptoms. The drive to raise the status of English in Panama.
University of Panama employees on strike
By Eric Jackson, 18 December 2002. Just now a thousand or more University of Panama employees are marching past the Internet cafe where I am, en route to the Legislative Assembly to demand pay that's owed them.