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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 23:47:42 -0500 (CDT)
From: Mark Graffis <ab758@virgin.vip.vi>
Subject: Asian Agriculture on the Edge of Crisis
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Asian Agriculture on the Edge of Crisis

From EarthVision Reports
29 April 1999

MANILA, Philippines, April 29, 1999 - Growing populations and environmental destruction will soon lead to an agricultural crisis in Asia, representatives from the Asian Development Bank said today at its three-day annual meeting.

An article from The Associated Press quoted the officials as saying growth in agricultural yields is now declining in the region after rising for many years. The decline, according to the Manila-based Development Bank, is occurring despite the need to feed expanding populations.

This fact does not sit well with the realization that Asia is home to a majority of the world's poor, with more than 670 million rural people -- one-third of its rural population -- still living in abject poverty. The increase in agricultural production in recent years was brought about through modern agricultural techniques, including new strains of seeds.

However, according to ADB, many poorer regions and disadvantaged groups did not benefit, resulting in growing inequalities. To deal with the problem, the ADB recommends that Asian governments place more emphasis on expanding agricultural growth, while ensuring that the growth benefits the poor and does not harm the environment.

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1. http://www.adb.org/mainpage.asp