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Social history of Asia as a whole

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   History in general of Asia

Asian social history in general

Nobel Peace Laureate denounces Asian racism
By Jonathan Manthorpe, in the Ottawa Citizen, 15 January, 1997.
ILO Forecasts Social Suffering from Economic Crisis
By Gustavo Capdevila, IPS, 15 April 1998. ILO finds that Asia's poorer sectors will face worse conditions in 1998 mainly due to inadequate political intervention to confront the region's financial crisis to date.
Losing the Fight Against Child Sex Trade?
By Ron Corben, IPS, 10 July 1998. U.N. paper on efforts to stop the child sex trade, but it perpetrators are formidable foes, especially in Asia. We have over the years been a willing party to the destruction of our future and to breeding a kind of violence that feeds on itself.
Asians in unhealthy crisis; Financial woes produce ill effects on depressed region's poverty-stricken
Washignton Times, 25 September 1998. A generation of Asian families has begun to slip backward into disease, hunger, malnutrition, illiteracy and poverty as a result of the Asian economic crisis that began in the summer of 1997.
Illegal Sex Business Adds To National Incomes
By Laxmi Murthy, IPS, 26 July 1999. Globalization has meant that in countries where prostitution is illegal, it is taken over by men and has become an important part of national economies.

The history of Asian women

Introduction to Nirmanee
A Sri Lanka newspaper from women. 17 February, 1995. It is the organ of a blossoming women's self-help movement that has widening influence in Asia.
Women Demand End to Military Violence
By Danielle Knight, IPS, 9 October 1998. An international coalition of women's organisations demands changes in military agreements that allow violence against women by U.S. military personnel in Asia.
Activists Call for Protest of "Asia Goddess" Barbie
From Shamita Dasgupta, 25 November 1998. Mattel's Barbie Doll of an exoticized Asian woman is an example of racism being countered by an international boycott.
Recession 'Redomesticating' Women, Studies Say
By Boonthan Sakanond, IPS, 30 November 1998. The Asian financial crisis has driven women out from being wage earners into overseas domestic work and prostitution. Globalization and neoliberalism threaten the gains of women in Asia.
In Two Years, A Tribunal on Violence Against Women
By Suvendrini Kakuchi, IPS, 17 December 1998. Women's groups across Asia have set December 2000 as the launch date for what will be the first war crime tribunal focusing on violence against women during armed conflicts.
Religious Fundamentalism Threatens Women
By Feizal Samath, IPS, 21 August 1999. Gains made by women in achieving equality and freedom from fear and violence are under threat from religious fundamentalism in many parts of Asia.

History of health in Asia

Asia's drug war
From the Wall Street Journal, 11 January 1995. Globalization of drug addiction.
Women's Eating Disorders Go Global
By Sonni Efron, The Los Angeles Times, 18 October 1997. Anorexia becoming widespread in Asia. Debate over whether this pathology due to globalization of Western culture or to capitalist development.
AIDS gains foothold in poorest nations
APF, in Hong Kong Standard, 17 July 1998. AIDS is rapidly spreading through Asia's poorest countries on the back of ignorance, the burgeoning heroin trade and government inaction.
Drug Use and HIV in Asia
The Fifth International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, Session TCD03, Tuesday, 26 October, 1999. Policies to combat AIDS in Asia have underestimated the importance of the growth of drug addiction as a factor.