Iraq, Kurdish Communists meet on recent developments

From Iraqi Letter, published by the ICP
Reprinted in the People's Weekly World,
1 July, 1995

The central committees of the Iraqi Communust Party (ICP) and the Kurdistan Communist Party - Iraq (KCP-I) held a joint meeting March 1 where they discussed the political situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan region.

The meeting noted the mounting political and social tension in the counry resulting from the policy of Saddam Hussein's dictatorial clique and its terroristic practices, and the increasing resentment among the people and inside the regime's institutions, including the army, the air force and organizations of the ruling party. This is evident in a number of manifestations, particularly the increasing rejection of military service despite brutal punishment, and the decision of several senior army officers to abandon the ruling clique, thus facing disciplinary measures. Some of these officers have sought refuge in the liberated areas (in Iraqi Kurdistan). Popular anger has also intensified in response to deteriorating living conditions, the continuing economic blockade and the bloody terror of the repressive organs.

Regarding developments in Kurdistan, the meeting stressed the need to give heed to the conscience of the Kurdish people and all our Iraqi people, in order to put an end to the fratricidal fighting (between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan), uniting efforts and directing them towards the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and his criminal junta, and establishing a democratic federal pluralistic Iraq. This is the only way to save our Iraqi people, offering a democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish question, and relying on dialogue as means to resolve all differences between anti-dictatorial forces. The meeting noted, in this respect, the failure of the so-called initiative by Saddam Hussein towards the two warring Kurdistan parties, as it did not receive any support or attention among Kurdistan circles. The meeting therefore stressed the urgent need for uniting all the militant potentials of our people, together with all genuine potentials in the armed forces, directing them in joint action to overthrow Saddam's regime which is becoming more violent and brutal as it becomes increasingly aware that its inevitable end is approaching.

The meeting called upon the masses of [the Iraqi] Party and people to close ranks, and support every militant effort aimed at overthrowing Saddam's regime and his despotic junta and saving our people from its crimes and calamities, and for building a united federal democratic Iraq. The meeting expressed absolute confidence in the triumph of [the Iraqi] people's just cause.

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