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TDN: 06 Sept. 1997 Alevi businessmen set up CUSIAD

Alevi businessmen set up CUSIAD

By Neslihan Ozturk, Turkish Daily News.
6 September, 1997

Istanbul - A new businessmen's association is joining the ranks of the Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD) and the Independent Industrialists' and Industrialists' Association (MUSIAD). Leading Turkish Alevi businessmen will soon set up an association called the Republican Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (Cumhuriyetci Sanayici ve Isadamlari Dernegi, CUSIAD).

CUSIAD intends to become an alternative to the other organizations. CUSIAD already includes many business people such as Ibrahim Polat, Ali Tanriverdi and Cemal Canpolat. CUSIAD Coordinator Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Dogan has announced the following goals: "Cooperation among members; keeping alive national culture and ideals; improving the scientific and cultural values of Turkish society; providing scholarships for successful students; printing publications to provide communication among businessmen; establishing dialogue and channels of cooperation with other nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that comply with republican principles; setting up new companies or supporting and participating in already running companies in order to achieve these targets."

The chairman of the Cem Foundation, Prof. Dr. Izzettin Dogan said the idea of establishing CUSIAD came about because of the requests of Alevi businessmen who support Cem Foundation. "We've been getting reactions from the public who are asking 'Why, if everybody else is organizing, aren't the republic supporters doing so?' and from small and medium sized businessmen who are not represented by associations such as MUSIAD and TUSIAD.

"CUSIAD has been set up to meet this need. Policies that ignored the Alevi masses ignited this enterprise." he said. Dogan also added that CUSIAD welcomed everybody without distinguishing whether they were Alevi or Sunni, spoke a different language or were of a different religion or origin. "The only principle we require is that of being faithful to the Republic. CUSIAD business people have no intentions of becoming richer. CUSIAD is being founded to help in the country's development and provide support for people in need," he said.

One hundred thousand dollars for the building

CUSIAD is planned to open headquarters by the end of September. One hundred thousand dollars has already been put aside for the building, donated by founding members. The building will have modern high tech offices and will be in a central place such as Taksim or Mecidiyekoy. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Dogan says CUSIAD will meet everybody's needs. He adds "This association will be open to all business people who believe in Ataturk's principles, value human rights and comply with the basic principles of the Republic. The purpose here is not to be separated into different camps, but to help raise enlightened republican children in our country, based on the power we will create with our own means."

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