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Subject: Turkey/Iraq/Israel/USA: Israel involved in Turkish invasion

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THE BAGHDAD OBSERVER, 11/6/97, No. 8703

Israel involved in Turkish invasion, says report

By Ibrahim J. Ibrahim, in The Baghdad Observer,
No. 8703. 11 June, 1997

Ankara, June 10The English language Turkish Daily News has confirmed Israeli involvement in the Turkish military invasion of northern Iraq, INA reported on Tuesday.

The daily quoted sources which it described as informed as saying the success of the Turkish operation can be attributed to the in- volvement of Tel Aviv and Washington into it.

The sources said the US participation included the much needed surveillance by US satellites which provided the Turkish troops with pictures of the PKK based in northern Iraq.

The Turkish invasion has prompted condemnations from almost all world states save the US and Israel. Arab states are unanimous in rejecting the fresh Turkish invasion as a blatant violation of Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity, the UN charter and the international law.

The Algerian Foreign Ministry on Monday summoned the Turkish ambassador in Algiers and informed him of its deep concern over the continuation of Turkish troops intervention in northern Iraq.

The ministry asserted Algeria's adherence to maintain Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

It also called upon the Turkish government to pull out its troops from Iraq and respect the historical ties linking the two countries.

In Amman, eleven Jordanian parties have renewed outright condem- nation of the Turkish incursion into northern Iraq, regarding it as an aggression against all Arab countries.

In a press conference held here on Monday, the higher coordination committee of the parties asserted that the aggression was the out- come of coordination between Turkey and Israel with the backing of the US administration.

In Bonn, the Arab Cultural Society in Germany condemned the Turkish incursion into northern Iraq as a serious menace to the region's stability.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the society said the Turkish invasion represented the outcome of Israeli-Turkish military coope- ration.

It described the Turkish invasion as a violation of the UN Charter and rules of international law.

In Moscow, a Russian Duma anti-NATO committee has condemned the Turkish aggression against Iraq.

In a statement distributed here on Monday, the committee refuted the Turkish claims of establishing stability and security in the region.

It said that the wide-scale military operations carried out by the Turkish troops against the population of the Iraqi autonomous region of Kurdistan had claimed the lives of many civilians and destroyed residential areas.

The committee said hundreds of citizens were forced to leave their homes and became refugees because of the Turkish practices.