Date: Mon, 16 Jun 97 22:06:26 CDT
From: Altaf Bhimji <>
Subject: Iran-Afghanistan so-called "sunni-shia" divide

Iran-Afghanistan so-called "sunni-shia" divide

By Altaf Bhimji <>
16 June, 1997

An article recently posted on this newsgroup attempts to portray the problems in Afghanistan as a "sunni-shia" conflict.

This is yet another example of how whenever Iran points out problems in Muslim majority countries it is considered a sunni-shia issue.

Some years ago, when Iranians actively challanged the monarchy of Saudi Arabia during the pilgrimage (Hajj) the New York Times ran huge headlines about how the Muslim world is "divided" and that the problems were shia and sunni divide.

Muslims all over the world, be they Shia or Sunni have pointed out that the "Taliban" movement is implementing its own ideas, that may not be truly Islamic. Muslims are also aware that the Taliban movement is a creation of Saudi-Pakistan-US funding for their own purposes.

Yes, the regime of Sauds don't have much tolerance for Shias, but that does not mean that the conflict is Sunni-Shiah. The reason why Iran is able to raise the issue of Taliban is because it is probably the only Muslim country around whose leadership is not dependent on the US. Of-course Iran is concerned as to what will happen to the Shiah minority given the Taliban's extreme ideas. And so are many many Muslims all over the world, be they Shia or Sunni.


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