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Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 15:34:14 +1000
Sender: Internationally-Oriented Computer-Assisted Reporting List <INTCAR-L@AMERICAN.EDU>
From: T.Matthew Ciolek <tmciolek@NETINFO.COM.AU>
Subject: [****] American Kurdish Information Network

American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN)

WWW Asian Studies Announcement, 14 November 1997

AKIN, Washington DC, USA

Supplied note: We are a non-profit organization that seeks to provide information to journalists, policy-makers, and the general public about Kurdistan.

Site contents: DAY 25: The Fast Continues; What is AKIN?; News of Kurds and Their Oppressors; Press Releases, Articles, and Speeches; Kurdish Politics in Washington, D.C.; Prisons and Kurdistan; S.O.S.; Free Leyla Zana!! - It's a Book; Movies, Pictures, and Sound.

[A simple, efficient site with articles, reports and the most recent news about Kurds in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria - ed.]

URL http://www.kurdistan.org