The economic history of West Asia as a whole

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The challenge of globalisation in the Arab countries. What should the trade unions be doing?
By Mohsen Ben Chibani, economist, ICFTU OnLine, 13 August 1997. Meeting in Cairo for a seminar organised by the ICFTU in the framework of its plans to strengthen Arab trade unions, several Palestinian, Jordanian and Egyptian trade unions discussed the effects of globalisation in the Arab countries and on labor.
Iraq says Turkey threatens flow of shared waters
By Hassan Hafidh, Reuters, 1 October 1997. Iraq accused Turkey of threatening the flow of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers to Syria and Iraq by building dams and urged Ankara to reach a water-sharing accord. The current flow of water from Turkey is insufficient for drinking, irrigation and electricity generation. Iraq as a refuge for Kurdish opposition in Turkey.
Marks & Spencer Calls the Shots: Israeli Textile Firms Flourish in Jordan and Egypt
By Wehbe Badarneh, Challenge [March 2000]. Thousands of Arab women in Galilee are now unemployed in the Israeli textile industry. The combination of economic growth and unemployment tied to globalization. A huge European retailer works with local moguls to redraft the map of the region and perpetuate the poverty of millions.
Tribesmen seek end to trade restrictions
DAWN, 10 June 2002. Tribesmen who depend on Pakistan-Afghanistan trade seek lifing of trade restrictions. A meeting under the aegis of Tribal Democratic Party (Qabail Jamhoori Party), which will raise the basic rights of tribal people, including education, employment, health and living conditions. Trade by tribal people between Pakistan and Afghanistan is a centuries-old practice upon which most of the tribal people depend.
Cheney's Halliburton provided services to Turkmenistan before 9/11
From, 22 June 2002. The position of Afghanistan as transit route for the great oil resources around the Caspian Sea and Caucasus to Arabian Sea. A Bridas Group joint venture with Turkmenistan; Unocal Corp picks up on the Bridas plan. European vs. Asian markets, and pipeline routes.