The social history of West Asia as a whole

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El Taller, Court of Women - Testimonies on Violence against women in the Arab world Beirut, Lebanon, 28-30 June 1995
Introduction of a book which highlights major testimonies and the declaration reached during the Court of Women held in June 1995 in Beirut, Lebanon.
Women's Rights Debate Defined By Equality and Economics
By Sanjay Upadhyay, IPS, 25 November 1999, Significant steps in Gulf Arab states to encourage women countered by a conservative backlash by the elite in Kuwait to remove women's right to vote and run for public office. Nevertheless, reasons to expect progress in women's rights there and in Saudi Arabia. But so far, only Qatar allows women to vote. Bahrain; UAE.
Secret Israeli-Iraqi talks: No one asks the Palestinians!
Mid-East Realities, 24 May 2000. New twist in the Palestinian refugee problem. An article from The Observer (London) regarding Saddam Hussein's astonishing bid for peace with the West by offering to have Lebaniese Palestinian refugees move to Iraq, which would solve a major problem for Jerusalem and mark one of the most significant shifts in regional politics in decades.