The culture history of West Asia as a whole

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Poetry of the Riddah Wars
Dissertaion Abstract, 6 August 1998. The poetry of the Riddah Wars developed during 632-634 A.D., just after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (632 A.D.). This poetry is the product of the religious and political conflict between the Muslims and the murtaddun (apostates). A large number of the Arab tribes who apostatized either rejected the authority of Abu Bakr, the newly elected Caliph, or refused to pay zakat to the Islamic government.
Arabs see Israeli 'threat' to antiquities
BBC, 25 April 2001. Egypt is hosting a conference of antiquities officials from around the Arab world to discuss how best to preserve the region's monuments and ancient sites, especially in Israeli controlled territory and in particular in Jerusalem which Egyptian and Palestinian officials say are under threat.