The IT and telecommuncations of
West Asia as a whole

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Press Freedom Violations in Israel and Occupied Palestinian Areas (28 September - 28 February 2001
SouthNews, 2 March 2001. Re. the International Press Institute (IPI) report on the number of injuries and other press freedom violations against journalists and media professionals in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Areas.
U.S. attacks Al-Jazeera TV
Forwarded from toeslist, 18 November 2001. Al-Jazeera television of Qatar, the only media outlet which has had journalists in Taliban-controlled areas of Afghanistan since the U.S. bombing campaign began, is hit by U.S. missiles. Al-Jazeera, which was created with help from the BBC and has become known as the CNN of the Arab world, has been subjected to a campaign of villification in the U.S. media.
Bullied into silence on Israel: There is no freedom of speech for Conrad Black's commentators
By William Dalrymple, The Guardian, (London), 16 March 2002. In Israel, opinions are so polarised that it is almost impossible to write a line on the conflict without outraging someone. Those who deal sympathetically with the plight of the Palestinians have found themselves deluged with complaints, which not infrequently include innuendoes - or outright accusations - of anti-semitism.