The retrospective history of the Republic of Turkey

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Turkish History, Lavening of Cultures, Civilization
By H. B. Paksoy, D. Phil. Condensed, in translation, from Annals of Japan Association for Middle East Studies, 1992. The influence of Suleiman (1494-1566) The Lawgiver. The Ottoman palace school. Impact on U.S. legal history.
Armenian Genocide Debate Goes On the Web
By Arpie Nakashian, 8 March 1997. Information useful for looking into the nature and extent of this tragedy that took place in 1915-18 during collapse of the Ottoman Empire.
An important day in the Turk calendar
By Haluk, Thursday 30 October 1997. The 29th of October 1997 is the 74th anniversary of the official ending of Sultanate in Turkey and the beginning of the Republican era, thanks to the First World War. The subsequent development of the Parliament. The contrast between the Sultan, the last of the Caliphate, and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.