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 History of West Asia in general

General and political history

Myth and realities: Lebanon
By Dr. Maher Hathout, Sr. 23 April, 1996. The lies perpetuated by the media controlled by rich.
Times blames victim in Lebanon
By Ronald Bleier, 3 May, 1996. Response to front page story on the Israeli air, artillery and naval barrage against Southern Lebanon (U.S. and Israel Await Answer from Syrians," 4/18/96)
In Lebanon and at home: Hard-line Israeli policies run into stiff resistance
By Joyce Chediac, in Workers World, 18 September, 1997.


ICFTU condemns government interference in trade union elections
From ICFTU OnLine, 15 April, 1997.
Lebanese Unions Launch Legal Challenge for their Rights
From ICFTU OnLine, 21 May, 1997.

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