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History of Palestinian National Authority (PNA)

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General and political history

The clans are coming back
By Danny Rubinstein, in Ha'aretz, 1 December, 1995. Israeli perspective on the Palestinian elections in January, 1996.
Facts about PA Elections
From Al-Akhbar, 9 January, 1996. Re Palestinian Authority (PA) election of 10 January, 1996.
Call to resume the Intifada in Hebron
From Palestine Report, 5 July, 1996. Failure of Israel to partially withdraw and the continuing settlement of Hebron by Israel colonists has led to a call to revive the Intifada.
Palestinians revolt against Israeli's land seizures
By Hans Lebrecht, in People's Weekly World, 5 April, 1997. Youthful resentment of Israel's occupation of Palestinian land. The prospects for peace.
On the realities of the Hebron Agreement and the "peace process"
Arafat loathed and has brought Palestinians to lowest point in their history. By Edward Said. 15 May, 1997.
Palestinian people struggling for peace and a homeland
By Tim Wheeler, in People's Weekly World, 9 August, 1997. Re Israel's closure policy to ruin Palestine economically, and her annexation policy to take Palestinian land, and role of US in supporting Israel.


PLO find water rift too hard to bridge
Reuters. 28 July, 1997. Who controls Israel's water resources, which lie mainly under Palestinian land?


Anything but Workers in the Palestinian Trade Unions
By Sos Nissen, in News from Within, April, 1996. The Palestinian Authority (PA) shuts down the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU). History of the PCGTU since its formation in 1993 as the cooption of two independent labor federations into the government-sponsored PCGTU and as an institution without significant social base. The need for a real union movement.
25 Teachers Detained today by Palestinian Authority (PA) for their role in the strike movement
From Challenge, 22 April, 1997.
30 Palestinian Teachers' Leaders Set Free
HCCT decides to suspend the teachers strike to give a chance to negotiations. From WAC - Workers' Advice Center. 29 April, 1997. Teachers in government schools strike over wages.


Palestinian women: rekindling the flame
By Abla Shamieh, Union of Palestinian Women's Associations. 8 March, 1997. The struggles of Palestinian women.


Tourists with Agendas
By Salim Tamari, in Middle East Report, September/October, 1995. Academic hustling undercuting serious scholarship and bleeding Palestinian academia.

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