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History of the Arabian Peninsula

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 History of West Asia in general

Saudi Arabia

Dangers of supping with the US
David Hirst, the Guardian, 27 June, 1996.
The American Base in Arabia known as "Saudi"
Mark Bruzonsky in Washington. 8 July, 1996.
The Nomadic Life Dries Up in Arabia
By Richard Covington, IHT. 22 March, 1997.
Shame on the House of Saud!! Fire killed and injured over 13,500
From Committee for Defense of Legitimate Rights (London). 20 March, 1997.
Saudi Haj fire victims blocked-in
By Parveez Syed, Shanti RTV news. 24 April, 1997.


Kuwait silent on post-war illnesses
From Claire W. Gilbert. 5 February, 1996.
How Washington manufactured a war crisis
By Huda M. al-Yassiri, in The Baghdad Observer, 8 June, 1996.
How Public Relations sold the Gulf War to the US
By John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton. 29 August, 1996.
Kuwaiti personalities demand an end to human rights violation
From Bahrain Freedom Movement, 9 May, 1997.


Constitutional Restoration in Bahrain
by Alhadi Khalaf, 18 January, 1995. Pressure mounting from across the political spectrum to subject the autocracy to constitutional limitations.
People out on the street to resist attacks by security forces
From Bahrain Freedom Movement. 18 January, 1996.
Bahrain clothing at Walmart - working conditions?
By Thurman B. Wenzl. 5 August, 1996.
The full debate on Bahrain in the British Parliament
3 June, 1997.
Issa Qassim statement
19 June, 1997. Sheikh Issa Qassim, member of both the Constituent and National Assemblies issues a statement on 16 June 1997.


Government Fails to Deliver on Paper Promises on Human Rights
From Amnesty International. 27 March, 1997.

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