The history of Iraqi threatment of the Kurds in northern Iraq

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Imperialism Sabotaged Kurds' National Struggle
By Jack Barnes, excerpt an article based on a talk given on 30 March 1991. Following Gulf War, the oppressed nationality of Kurds arose in revolt once again. The U.S. and Western European imperialist powers sabotaged efforts to establish a sovereign Kurdistan and today exploit Baghdad's repression of the Kurds to enhance their own rival economic, political, and military interests in the Gulf region.
Kurdistan: Appeal for condemnation of repression
Green Left Weekly, 29 May 1996. May Day events organised by the Worker-Communist Party of Iraq (WCPI) and other groups, in Iraqi Kurdistan, attracted more than 200,000 people, but were set upon by the Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP). Threats by the secret armed organisations of the dominant nationalist parties—the KDP and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)—in alliance with the Islamist movement.
Clinton's puppet Chretien poised to aid US's unwanted war against Iraq
From a dialog on the warriornet list, February 1998. The list is focused on Native American political struggle. The issue is whether Clinton' appeal for Canadian support against Hussein should criticized as an expression of Western imperialism or if Hussein should be criticized for his attack upon an indigenous people, the Kurds. Do we join Clinton in attacking Hussein's presumably genocidal behavior? On the other hand, should the Kurds be privileges as a more "indigenous" people than the Iraqis?