Independent political forces in Iraq

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Collective leadership for the Iraqi conference to unify Iraqi opposition
Arabic News, 9 April 1999. The U.S. creates to create an opposition, The Iraqi National Assembly, but not all appointed leaders were asked. The Kirdistani National Federation represented. The U.S. front boycotted by the Islamic revolution higher council and the Iraqi communist party.
Iraqi Shiite opposition concerned over conditions in Iraq
Arabic News, 26 April 2000. Shiite opponents in exile unhappy that U.S. hostility to the Sunni Hussein does not include support for the Shiite majority who have suffered under him.
Iraqi communists look forward
By Shane Bentley, Green Left Weekly 23 October 2000. The Worker-Commnist Party of Iraq (WCPI) has associations with outside support groups [including perhaps communists in Iran]. In its view, the Kurdish opposition is weakened by its distancing itself from complete independence from Iraq. The US does not trust the opposition and therefore seeks no fundamental change in Iraq.
Iraq: after regime change
By Isam al-Khafaji, Le Monde diplomatique, Janaury 2003. U.S. organizes a series of worshops to decide upon Iraq's future. US badly divided. Which is better, friendly dictators or democracy through popular revolt? This divide mirrored in the Iraqi opposition itself, divided between those who favor just a coup, leaving the basic structure intact (INA) and neo-conservative ideologues (INC) seeking structural change. Problem of pos-Saddam legitimacy. Limited possibilities for democratic revolution.
A 'third force' awaits US in Iraq
By Syed Saleem Shahzad, Asia Times, 1 March 2003. An Islamic movement spearheaded by the Muslim Brotherhood could benefit from U.S. removal of Hussein. Growing support for the Brotherhood as a result of conditions resulting grom the Gulf War defeat. Sadam's use of Islam as a useful ideology is countered by the Brotherhood's hostility to secularism.