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 History of West Asia in general

Retrospective history

Imperialism and Struggle in Iran
By Ali Azad, in Workers World. Overview of Iranian history since 1953.


Iranian Oil-Workers Arrested
From the Committee for the Defence and Support of the Iranian Oil Workers. 16 February, 1997.
Iranian Oil Workers Strike After Arrests?
In ICEM Update, No. 9/1997. 17 February, 1997. Oil workers struck on 16 February, and the government has now outlawed all oil-workers organization and refuses to enter into collective bargaining.
Workers demand higher wages
In ICFTU On Line, 12 September, 1997. Industrial workers protest over wages. The only legal channels for discussion is through guilds and Islamic work-based councils, which are directly controlled by the government. The Oil worker strikes of last December and these suggest there is movement in Iran toward independent labor organization.


Shi'a religious leaders as victims of human rights violations
From Amnesty International. 3 JUNE, 1997.


Statement From The Political Bureau Of Kurdish Democratic Party Of Iran (KDPI)
5 August, 1996. Re Iran's attack on 27 July, 1996, upon the KDPI and Kurdish refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan.
US Accused of Raising Tensions
Reuter. 6 October, 1997. US rushing weapons into Gulf and threats to Iran because of Iranian raids on exile camps across border in Iraq.


IHRWG's Statement on the Occasion of the UN's Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing
5 September, 1995. Re condition of women in Iran.
Iran's Islamic revolution after 17 years
By Nina Lansbury, in Green Left Weekly, 15 May, 1996. Focus on daily life today.

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