The contemporary political history of the Republic of Cyprus

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Cyprus in August 1996
By Eleni Pitsillidou, 26 August 1996. Cypriot bikers went into the buffer zone to protest the continuous occupation of the Turkish army in Cyprus. A brief history of the Cyprus problem.
Troops Stir Volatile Tensions In Cyprus
By Natasha Terlexis, The Militant, Vol.60 no.31, 9 September 1996. In 1974 the military dictatorship then running Greece organized a coup d’etat against the Makarios government in Cyprus with the aim of annexing the island. Five days after the coup the Turkish government dispatched an invading force that occupied the Northern third of the country on the pretext of defending the Turkish-Cypriot minority.
In the policies of imperialism and oligarchy, there is no benefit for the peoples of Cyprus
From Press Agency Ozgurluk, 2 October 1997. Problem of Southern Cyprus' being invited to join EU, but Turkey not on agenda.
Reuniting a divided island: Cyprus, north and south
By Niels Kadritzke, Le Monde diplomatique April 2002. Final negotiations about the future of Cyprus began this year; it has been divided since 1974. Cyprus is a contender for EU membership, but to get in, Greeks and Turks will have to agree on its status, and Ankara will have to approve. Brussels has promised substantial funding for the Turkish north.
Opposition Candidate Wins in Cyprus Vote
By Alex Efty, AP, Washington Post, Sunday 16 February 2003. Opposition candidate Tassos Papadopoulos, with strong backing from communists and other leftists, won Sunday's presidential election after a campaign in which he criticized the incumbent for giving too much away in efforts to reunify the divided island.