The economic history of the Republic of Cyprus

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Report about the situation in northern Cyprus
Patriotic Unity Movement (YBH) Youth Executive Council, [20 July 2001]. The economic crisis in northern Cyprus is especially affects youth, While this increases discontent against the regime by youth, intensive emigration keeps it from turning into a strong political movement.
CY could close if unions fail to agree
By Jean Christou, Cyprus Mail, [2 November 2005]. Cyprus Airways (CY) chairman yesterday warned that unless agreement was reached with the unions on a controversial restructuring plan, the airline would be forced to close.
CY is in dire need of leadership
Cyprus Mail, [3 May 2006]. The PASIPY pilot union complains that non-enforcement of safety regulations has led to dangerous conditions. The author agues that only a strong CEO able to quickly push through cost cutting and re-structuring will maintain safety standards and avert a strike. In support of this contention, the author says it is “obvious to anyone with a rudimentary understanding of management”.