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Deliberate Israeli bombing of civilian neighborhoods in Lebanon constitutes a war crime

Money for jobs at home, not Israeli aggression against Arab people, WWP campaign demands

Press Release from Workers World Publishers, 17 April 1996

For Immediate Release
Attention: News Editor
Press Contact: Brian Becker (212) 627 -2994

The United States sends $7 million each day to Israel so that it can carry out the Pentagon's proxy wars against the oppressed people of the Middle East. Clinton and Dole both agree that that Med care and Medicaid should be cut while billions should continue to go to aid Israeli aggression, Monica Moorehead, stated today. We demand that this aid be canceled, the Workers World presidentia candidate announced.

U.S. government officials in the White House and Pentagon know full well that they are complicit in carrying out war crimes against the civilian population of Lebanon. The Geneva Conventions, the c nstitution of the United Nations, and other international laws explicitly forbid targeting civilian populations. Yet this is precisely what the Israeli government has done with its bombing strategy of Lebanon that began on April 11, Moorehead stated.

Israeli naval weapons, fighter bombers and helicopter gunships have pounded villages and towns throughout Lebanon. Israeli military forces are telling the people to flee their homes and then they bo b them. Over 400,000 civilians have been deliberately made into refugees by this strategy. These are U.S. made planes and bombs and it is inconceivable that a client regime like Israel would procee with this military aggression without getting the go-ahead from the Pentagon high command, Moorehead asserte

The Clinton administration is perpetuating the absolute fiction that Israel is the victim of aggression by Hezbollah and other Lebanese groups. We ask who occupies whose country? Israel has no righ to occupy 15% of Lebanon's territory in the south, Moorehead said.

Moorehead said that behind Israel's aggression is a broader U.S. strategy to force the Syrian government to attack the Lebanese resistance forces who are fighting the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon. If Syria were to bow to this demand and attempt to repress the Hezbollah it could trigger a renewed civil war in Lebanon. Moorehead noted. The U.S. government, representing the biggest il monopolies, is determined to impose a Pax Americana on this oil-rich region. Their principal objective is t[...]

Moorehead's campaign platform calls for Jobs for All and a vast increase in the minimum wage. She stands as a long time civil rights fighter who opposes racism, sexism, lesbian & gay oppression, and anti-Semitism. Her running mate is Gloria La Riva, a Chicana union militant from San Francisco.

Moorehead announced that she will participate in the demonstration at the Israeli mission to the United Nations at 800 2nd Avenue (between 42nd and 43rd St.) on Wednesday April 24, starting at 5 p.m