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Organization: Islamic Association for Palestine
Subject: AlAkhbar: Intifada Rekindled!

Intifada Rekindled!

Al-Akhbar, London 26 September 1996

Liberty for the Muslim World strongly condemns the Israeli brutal response to the what was initially peaceful protests by the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza against the perilous excavations under the Muslims' third holiest shrine, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. The use of live bullets and the killing and wounding of hundreds of unarmed civilians and physical attacks on and humiliation of Palestinian Authority officials by the Israeli troops had provoked several armed Palestinian policemen to respond to fire with fire.

Liberty for the Muslim world warns that the provocative policies of the Israeli government and the continued violation of human rights at the hands of Israeli troops and security agencies are bound to rekindle the Intifada. The broken promises and unfulfilled dreams of 'peace' should make all the parties concerned reconsider their position toward a peace process that has been forced down the throats of the Palestinians despite the fact that it was born still.

Liberty for the Muslim World believes that it is highly unlikely that peace or stability can ever prevail in this extremely volatile region of the world unless the Israelis recognise that the Palestinians are humans who have rights and feelings. It would truly help the cause of peace for the Western powers that are truly interested in a lasting settlement to end their historic bias to Israel and adopt a stand in support of justice.

Azzam Sultan
Liberty for the Muslim World
BM Freedom