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Likud guidelines for talks with the Palestinians

The Jerusalem Post, 26 April 1996

The following GuideLines are likely to be the actual guiding principles behind the policies of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and the new Likud-dominated Israeli government. Whatever moderated public statements Netanyahu may make to calm public opinion in coming days, this brief outline is, in essence, the promised approach a Likud-led government will actually take toward the Palestinians. It should be understood that the Peres Government's approach overall has not been, in reality, all that different than these Likud Guidelines; though Labor has worked hard to camouflage many of its policies with stealth rhetoric. The Likud prefers a more straight-forward approach, even though it is all but certain Netanyahu himself will adopt some of the rhetorical tricks Labor has been so good at using to manipulate public opinion. There are however some important differences in how Likud is likely to deal with the Palestinian Authority -- and these could strip away the veneer that has to date partially masked the Palestinian acceptance of surrender terms at Oslo and since. This seven-clause document was presented to the Likud campaign steering committee by Benjamin Netanyahu in late April.

  1. The government will recognize the facts created by the Oslo accords and will endeavor to minimize the dangers to Israel's security inherent in them.
  2. The government will deal with the Palestinian Authority to stabilize arrangements on the ground. It will negotiate the final status agreement on condition that the PA lives up to its undertakings, especially:
    a.The ascertained and unequivocal nullification of all covenant clauses calling for Israel's destruction.
    b.The prevention of terror and anti-Israeli incitement.
  3. United Jerusalem is Israel's capital under its sole sovereignty. PLO activity in Jerusalem would cease and its institutions will be closed.
  4. The IDF will have full freedom to operate everywhere and at any time against terror.
  5. The Palestinians will have self-government and will run their affairs, except for defense and foreign policy, which will continue to be Israel's responsibility, and issues which will demand coordination. The government will oppose the creation of an independent Palestinian state.
  6. The government will encourage the establishment of places of employment in the PA areas.
  7. The government will seek to involve Jordan in the final agreement in those spheres that will be agreed upon in negotiations.